November 24, 2016

The Fine Art of Painting For the Intermediate Painter

Artist : Farwa Urooj

Obvious Watercolorists

you'll use all the substances you use inside the studio, inclusive of your personal selection of paints, pallet, brushes, paper towels pencil and many others.
You need a water jug with a decent fitting lid and a everyday length water basin (a plastic box will do)
Clips to hold the paper to your portray surface.
In case you are a standing painter a collapsible painting easel.
A board to color on- if you use an easel make sure the board will connect it to easel.
If you are a sitting painter you may need one or two folding stools. The greater stool may be used to vicinity your board on so that you don't must hold it on your lap.
Paper: use the identical paper you use within the Studio, however plan to paint smaller if you are a full sheet painter.
A pleasant region to strive out those watercolor blocks if you haven't used them earlier than.
A nice size tote bag to hold the whole lot keep in mind the worm spray!!!

A digicam, for web site pix to work on the piece while you get home.