December 8, 2016

Blind sketching

My cartoon book is always with me, i love drawing, the problem is that i'm a shy drawer. The concept of a person noticing me drawing him/her makes me extraordinarily uncomfortable. It is after I find blind sketching useful. Blind sketching is a very simple method that allows me loosen my drawing line and gives me an exciting start line for individual design. It forces me to go out of my "comfort area" and enhance my fashion.

The precept is very simple. The idea is to no longer appearance  (or at least, appearance much less) on the drawing paper whilst sketching speedy an item this is being determined.  Very regularly it offers not anything, only a pile of gibberish strains. However every now and then it is able to capture the essence of a posture or a motion in a completely unique way. The unpredictable distortion that's created due to the procedure can be a great begin for designing or illustrating characters.